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Photos from a forgotten time

Pop Up, Hafnartorgi


12/12/2021 - 31/01/2022

The works in this exhibition were created bv manipulating and deconstructing images from the artists vast archive of photographs,

taken over decades.

Like so many other artists Sigurjón has sought inspiration from Iceland and in the Icelandic nature. Half of the works in the exhibition are influenced by the famous travel book Letters from Iceland by authors and poets

W.H Auden and Louis Macniece which first was published in 1937.


In the other half of the exhibition he looks to USA and especially Los Angeles and the many artists that have originated or lived in the city for inspiration, as well as the frequent travels and different places all over the world that Sigurjón has visited during his long career in the industry.

Being a foreigner has given him a different approach and vision, even though he has been living abroad for 43 years he sees himself first and foremost as an Icelander. 

This Exhibition marked the first time these works were be shown to the public.

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